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Nexus Cofee Creative

Nexus is a cool place to chill and have a beverage and a bite to eat. The aesthetic of the resturant is rustic and cozy.
Artwork on the wall adds color and most importantly as the nexus staff notes, they provide local artists a place to sell their art. They host different events and participate in the 2nd Friday Art Walk.

Last Friday during the art walk they hosted an event called Pour over Prose that was interesting and created an intimate environment. During the art walk their beer and wine is half off! Update: They don't do the half off beer anymore, but they are still cheap and amazing!

Cock of the Walk

Cock of the Walk, aka The Cock Walk, sounds dirty but is actually pretty good, and it is not what you'd expect.
It is a quaint dining spot in Maumelle. The resturant is known for their chicken wings and cheap beer, which is any college student's dream.
They have 50 cent wing Wednesday that will fill yo tummy and keep yo bank account in good standing. It is where I met my man eating chicken,
so I have a special attachment to this diner.


On a more serious note, Zaza's is delicious and nutritious. Their salads are amazing and are huuuuge, which is what
you'd expect because the price is kinda high for a salad. The pizzas a baked in a wood oven that gives the pizza a rustic italian vibe.
Don't even let me get started on the gelatto! It's so so yummy and worth getting fat over. Their seasonal salads are usually the way to go
for lunchtime and the pizzas are good anytime.